Friday, 21 January 2011

Council commits to 're-balancing' localism staff

Cornwall Council has admitted that there is a need to 're-balance' localism staff in order to correct the shortfall in support given to the East of the Duchy. The pledge was made by Assistant Chief Executive Paul Masters during a scrutiny discussion of the administration's plans for the localism service yesterday.

Localism is the term used for the support given to the different parts of Cornwall following the move to a unitary authority two years ago. The Liberal Democrats viewed this as an essential part of the restructuring to stop all decisions being made in Truro. Unfortunately, the first act of the Tory led Council was to put localism on hold and it was about 6 months before the service started to develop.

There are 19 community networks and each is served by a Community Network Manager and Support Assistant. The excellent team that serves the Launceston Network also covers the Caradon area based on Callington. These posts will not be affected - which is great news - but some of the additional support given to the West will be shifted so that there is additional expertise available to the East.

We had been concerned about rumours circulating that the localism staff would be put into a pool based in Truro and allocated on a project by project basis. We believed that this would lead to a lack of continuity and more centralised control. Mr Masters scotched these rumours and the plans appear to be a good step in the right direction.

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