Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Tories doubt North Cornwall villagers' motives in schools referendum

I'll blog in a bit about the major issues coming out of today's full council meeting, but I wanted to point readers to my colleague Jeremy Rowe's blog and his post about Cabinet Member for Schools Sally Bain.

Recently there was a proposal (strenuously, but ambiguously denied) that two village primary schools were to be closed. The villages of St Mabyn and St Tudy organised a referendum (properly overseen by the Electoral Reform Society) and 97.3% of those who voted backed keeping the existing schools open.

Yet today Sally Bain said she doubted that the villagers were acting in the best interests of their children and refused to give an assurance that village schools in the County would not face closure despite repeated requests to do so.

In contrast, the Lib Dems have pledged to keep all village schools open.

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