Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Road Safety Partnership launches bid for four new crossings

The Launceston Road Safety Partnership has launched a bid for four new crossings in town. In a letter to the Council and to local councillors, the Partnership gives the details:

Over 400 responses have been received and the democratic view of the people is that pedestrian crossings should be provided as a priority in the following locations

1 Western Road – between the turning for Meadowside and East Cornwall Garage with a pelican being the preferred option

2 Newport traffic lights. – the drop kerbs and stipples are in place but crossing here remains perilous as there is no pelican green man or pedestrian haven on the light sequence.

3 White horse – a permanent crossing is necessary where the school crossing lady operates from

4 Westgate Street – Livingstones to the Westgate public house

I am delighted to give my wholehearted support to the Partnership in the campaign for these crossings and to thank them for the excellent work they have done so far on this issue.

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