Wednesday, 23 December 2009

My new ALDC column - Cornwall is different

I've been asked by the people at the Association of Liberal Democrat Councillors - ALDC for short - to write a regular column for their website (or occasional, depends whether they like it).

My first effort, giving Lib Dem councillors around the country an insight into what has happened in Cornwall since June can be found here. The main point in make is that Cornwall Council is very different to those I have worked in and with before. That is sometimes a good thing - there's a lot more consultation about the budget - but also sometimes a very bad thing - there is a lot of drift and officers are often taking the lead where members should be.

(For those who haven't come across the term before, a Section 9 Political Assistant is a council officer working to assist the councillors of one party only. The work is usually concentrated on press and research. The rule is that either all or none of the parties on a council must have such a post and in Cornwall it is none.)

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