Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Boundary Committee proposes big changes for Launceston

The saga of Cornwall Council's boundaries is long and involved. Suffice it to say that the elections in June were fought on draft, rather than final, boundaries. The final report of the Boundary Commission is now out and there are further changes proposed for Launceston.

The town will still keep three wards and the North Ward will still be a mix of town and villages, but many areas of the town itself are set to change.

At present, the Lanstephan Estate is split between North and Central Wards. It is proposed that the whole estate, together with Cross Lanes, sits within North Ward.

Part of the St Stephen's Hill area of town - that part to the West of St Stephen's Hill itself - will move to Central Ward.

In the centre of town, the Castle and shopping area of town will move from South to Central wards.

I'll be chatting to local residents and my colleagues Sasha Gillard-Loft and Adam Paynter about the changes (which still have to be agreed by Parliament). No changes will come into effect until after the next council elections in 2013.

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