Tuesday, 8 December 2009

An answer on parking enforcement

I asked the Council about parking enforcement at Full Council today.

Graeme Hicks, the Cabinet Member for Highways, told me that he didn't think that it would be financially viable for the Town Council to take on parking enforcement. But he assured me that when the signs and lines have been completed and a re-jig of enforcement officers has been done, the effectiveness of the system would be a lot better.

Cllr Hicks assured me that Launceston currently gets 3.5 hours per day of car park enforcement and twenty five hours per fortnight of on-street parking enforcement. Although he admitted that officers sometimes struggle to complete the whole of the on-street work.

I hope that Cllr Hicks assurance about better enforcement in the New Year holds true and I'll be making sure the town gets all the help it needs.

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